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(AP) Calculus

This AP Calculus course was created by a collaboration of experienced math teachers at the high school level, with lots of combined AP experience. The resulting product is an engaging, interactive, and student-friendly course, which suits all learning styles in each and every lesson, with auditory, visual, and hands-on components throughout.

Each lesson involves an interactive flash video that allows students to participate at their own speed in the course, with the ability to pause and play at any point. Many lessons include dynamic graphs and other interactive applets that help the students understand the material in an engaging manner. Each video is accompanied by a student-friendly note package that allows the students to take notes on the videos to whatever level of detail they'd like. There are tons of practice questions provided for the student online, which means that there are no required textbooks for the course. Furthermore, there are full, detailed solutions for every single practice question, so the student will never get stuck. This means that students can learn how to solve even the most difficult problems in this course.