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(AP) English Literature

Advanced Placement English Literature is designed to strengthen the student's ability to read and interpret the various genres and motifs in literature. It will incorporate weekly writing assignments about literature to help the student learn to write and think with a more focused point of view. The end result of the course will be the opportunity to take the AP English exam. This exam is seen as an added bonus and the course will not be taught solely for the purpose of the test. The course will be structured somewhat like a freshman college course; therefore the student will have will have projects and assignments that will be worked on independently. The literature will be drawn mainly from English literature but selections of world literature will be incorporated as well.

Required Text Books:

TITLE ISBN Average Price
King Lear DVD 0769712231 $20
The Norton Anthology of English Literature 9780393928280 $100
The Universe Next Door 9780830827800 $20