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(AP) Macroeconomics

This course is designed to help you understand how the economy works. And since the economy is quite complex, the course is specifically designed to make the complex easy to understand.

In taking this course, you will gain an understanding of how modern, free-market economies work. From the basics of supply and demand to the complexities of interest rates, foreign exchange, international trade and monetary policy - you will learn it all!

This is an AP level course, so you will be challenged to stretch your thinking, but the effort is worth it. Students who successfully complete this course will receive credit on both AP Macroeconomics and Economics 12.

Units covered include: Economic basics (mostly supply and demand), economic indicators (unemployment, inflation and GDP), fiscal and monetary policy, modern schools of economic thought and international economic issues (trade and foreign exchange issues).

To sum up, this course explores the choices that individuals and societies make about the use of resources in a competitive global economy. Students will use economic concepts and models, as well as methods of economic inquiry to analyse current economic issues and make informed economic choices based on their analysis - for example, what policy actions might be taken in order to combat a recession or deal with unexpected inflation?