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Bible 05

In Bible 5 we take an overview of the Old Testament presenting various Bible characters in chronological order. As we take an in-depth look at these individuals, we will study the choices they made, whether good or bad, and derive personal application from their examples. People to be studied include Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Deborah, Samson, Ruth, Samuel, Saul, David, Solomon, Daniel, and others. Students will be challenged to examine their own decision making and apply the Old Testament character’s testimonies to situations in their own lives. The students will construct and follow a timeline as we move through the course. Students are required to memorize a verse with each lesson. Parents email the teacher when they have done this. A quiz is to be completed after every third lesson.

  • Christ and My Choices
    Required for Bible 5

Required Text Books:

TITLE ISBN Average Price
Christ and My Choices 9781583311127 $18