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Biology 11

Biology 11 will inspire you in the complexity and beauty of God's creation. This is the study of life and its processes and you’ll come away with a more thorough appreciation for the complex nature of living things and the God who created them all. Throughout this course, you will come to see how specific organisms live and interact. Biology 11 is based on a Biblical worldview and takes this approach as it applies to the learning outcomes prescribed by the British Columbia government. For example, you will study the theory of evolution with critical, scientific discernment—by contrasting Creationism and Evolution, you will develop a scientifically sound way of looking at our world that is based on Biblical truth.


  • Biology: The Dynamics of Life

  • Scientific Calculator
    To be provided by the student

Required Text Book:

TITLE ISBN Average Price
Biology-The Dynamics of Life 978007829900U $85