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Calculus 12

If you’re on your way to university and need the fundamental but thorough preparation to help you excel in your future Calculus courses, then Calculus 12 will give you the understanding and skills to help you achieve your goals. This is an engaging, interactive, and student-friendly course, which suits all learning styles in each and every lesson, with auditory, visual, and hands-on components throughout. Whether you’re learning about graphing functions, differentiation, or limit theory, each lesson involves an interactive flash video that allows you to participate at your own speed in the course, with the ability to pause and play at any point. With all our dynamic graphs, apps, videos, and practice questions, you’ll never get stuck. Even the most difficult problems won’t hold you back!

The only required resource is that students purchase a TI-83 or 84 Graphing Calculator, which is necessary for the course.

Students will receive FOUR (4) Grade 12-level credits for this course.

Student Feedback:
On the Video Lessons:

  • "I think the videos are excellent. Unlike school lectures, I can actually rewind back and forth as much as I want. At school, students kind of miss important information because they are busy writing notes." - Alice P.
On the Final Exam: