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English 05

Course Outline:
Since Language is the wonderful gift God gave us to build relationship with Him and each other, to express thoughts and questions we have about Him and all He has done and made, in English 5 we will strive to become more efficient and proficient in our use and command of this gift. Students will be encouraged to develop a distinctive worldview, a way of reading and with their “Faith Spectacles” on, and their hearts and minds engaged.

“For students who want / need to become better writers!” That would be all of us, wouldn’t it – since it is our goal to effectively communicate our faith and our worship, our worldview and our ideas? The writing component of this course teaches the skills of outlining and summarizing, of structure and style as well as guided creative writing.

While Grammar is the least “exciting” of our Language skills, it is necessary and we’ll look at some necessary skills, reviewing and applying them.

Strategies & Learning Activities:
A variety of pre reading, during reading, post reading strategies are used throughout the course to enhance comprehension and vocabulary development as well as challenge worldview and critical thinking. Students are required to include independent reading responses as well as the assigned reading.

Students are assessed on weekly assignments (80% of total grade), interactive vocabulary quizzes, applied grammar quizzes and study and research skills as well as their participation in guided student forums (20% of total grade).

The following Resources to be purchased by parents through local suppliers.

Dancing Through the Snow
Jean Little
Min has nothing. No mother. No birth certificate. No baby pictures. Not even a real birthday. Now, after four different foster families, Min’s not surprised when she’s dumped back with Children’s Aid the week before Christmas. Still, a small part of her can’t help aching for a miracle... and now she has an injured dog that needs a miracle too.

The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe
CS Lewis (Narnia Chronicles)
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