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English 06

Since Language is the wonderful gift God gave us to build relationship with Him and each other, to express thoughts and questions we have about Him and all He has done and made, in English 6 we will strive to become more efficient and proficient in our use and command of this gift. Students will be encouraged to develop a distinctive worldview, a way of reading and with their “Faith Spectacles” on, and their hearts and minds engaged.

Anne of Green Gables by LMM Montgomery - This Canadian classic will be read to you by the teacher who wrote this study and loves this book.

Holes by Louis Sacher - This novel has fast become a children’s library favourite. You will love the story of a boy who learns that circumstances form character in unexpected ways.

Individualized novel reading and responses, various poetry activities will increase student appreciation and understanding of this genre. A Media Literacy unit will develop awareness and skills.

Short non-fiction articles, which directly meet Social Studies and Science outcomes for Grade 6. Students will be challenged to include a faith-connection, a worldview challenge in their assignment.

“For students who want / need to become better writers!” That would be all of us, wouldn’t it – since it is our goal to effectively communicate our faith and our worship, our worldview and our ideas? The writing component of this course teaches the skills of outlining and summarizing, of structure and style for report-style writing (students will publish a Socials Studies project for a 2 courses-in-1 assignment mark) as well as developing creative writing skills with emphasis on plot structure and character development.

While Grammar is the least “exciting” of our Language skills, it is necessary and we will review necessary skills.

Strategies & Learning Activities
A variety of pre reading, during reading, post reading strategies are used throughout the course to enhance comprehension and vocabulary development as well as challenge worldview and critical thinking.

Students are required to include independent reading responses as well as the assigned reading.

Resources Required
Students will need copies of:
HOLES and ANNE of GREEN GABLES and yes, Discovery Education, WorldBook online, and Brain Pop subscriptions are required. A working headset is required for communication on Skype

Discovery Streaming is Caroline Vaughn-Cooke Tel: +1 240 662 4284
US toll free: 800 323 9084 x 810 4284
Fax: +1 240 662 8741

WorldBook Online is through ERAC in BC or WorldBook Online via Jan Papple Jan Papple