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English 09

English 9 will cover a variety of dynamic genres including short stories, poetry, a novel, a play and multi-media presentations. Correlating with Grade 9 Social Studies and Bible outcomes, the central theme will be "Reformation and Revolution".

  • Biographies of authors will be studied to help students better understand and interpret the author's work.

  • Themes and topics will be studied and measured against the truths in the Bible.

  • This course will also include a comprehensive writing component that will be supported by Elluminate virtual classroom lecture and tutorial sessions.

  • Students will develop the skills necessary for efficient note-taking and note-making, and for writing good paragraphs, letters and essays.

  • Grammar and parts of speech will be reviewed and there will also be a focus on vocabulary development.

Resources: Please note: No resources will be shipped for this revised course.

  • Students will personally select a grade-appropriate novel they would like to study this year and will submit their choice to the course teacher for approval.

  • All other resources will be provided electronically within the course.