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Entrepreneurship and Creative Innovation 11

Do you want to transform your world and influence your generation? In Entrepreneurship & Creative Innovation 11, you’ll see how easy it is to be a creative innovator and entrepreneur. You’ll begin to see solutions where no one else could. You’ll start to see opportunities everywhere. Imagine being able to implement your idea strategically and effectively! Imagine the influence you’ll have if you team up with other like-minded, Kingdom-focused, God-centered individuals who want to do great things and you all have superior “vision”. Bring to this course your curiosity and initiative. We’ll teach you proficiency in some of the tools that entrepreneurs use such as research tools, content curation tools, matrices, mind maps, and process charts. You’ll learn about being an entrepreneur, a social entrepreneur, an intrapreneur, and a Kingdom Entrepreneur and look at examples of each both today and in history. And so much more!

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