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French 09

Students will be expected to complete Level 3 (units 1-2) of Rosetta Stone COURSe over the course of a year. This requires three 30-minute sessions per week. Students will also be expected to use Rosetta Stone WORLd 1 hour or two 30-minutes sessions per week.  Students must complete all 8 Rosetta Stone STUDIO sessions as they become available. In addition students will complete 3, term projects. See course outline for details. (It is assumed the student has achieved the grade 8 expectations). Rosetta Stone COURSe teaches French by pairing words to images using rich visual imagery and interactive software to help learners think in a new language and to perfect pronunciation. Rosetta Stone WORLd allows learners to play games online, connect with language learners around the world and practice the new language with other learners at a similar level. Rosetta Stone STUDIO allows learners to practice and refine conversational skills with native-speaking Studio Coaches building on and reinforcing what has been learned in Rosetta COURSe. Rosetta Stone TOTALe Mobile Companion provides learning online with your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or other mobile device.

Required Text Books:

TITLE ISBN Average Price
Passeport Francais- En Route 9780669806892 $15
Passeport Francais-Salut 9780669806977 $15