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Mathematics 05

Did you know that God is revealed in Math? "In the beginning, God..." is the wonderful Truth that all He made is good and works in order. In this course, we will

  • discover the order of place value from thousandths to 999,999.
  • add, subtract, multiply and divide with whole numbers and decimal numbers
  • learn strategies for solving word problems
  • "figure out" geometrical shapes and various measurement systems
  • investigate graphing, data, statistics, and probability
  • have fun with fractions

And while you are working through all that, I will be here to help you, challenge you, and introduce you to activities that will help you see that Math is NOT just a text book page of exercises, but an adventure where we get to use God's gifts of mind, order, and function.


  • DIVE Into Math CD Math 6/5
    D.I.V.E., which stands for Digital Interactive Video Education, is a revolutionary product which utilizes recently developed software and hardware technology to create math and science lectures on a computer whiteboard that looks and sounds as though you are doing a lecture in a real classroom.

  • Saxon 65 (third edition)
    Required text for Math 5 -Textbook, Workbook & Key

Required Text Books:

TITLE ISBN Average Price
Saxon 6/5 Text 9781591413189 $63
Saxon 6/5 Solutions Manual 9781591413264 $39
Saxon 6/5 Solutions Manual 9781591413264 $39
Saxon 6/5 Tests and Worksheets 9781591413226 $27
Dive into Math CD 6/5