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Mathematics 06

Our grade 6 math course uses Saxon Math 76, 3rd edition. Saxon approaches math incrementally and each new topic is presented one step at a time while building on previously learned material. Every lesson includes built in review, so all concepts stay fresh in the student's mind. Regular drill is an integral part of the program. Assessments will be based on problem sets and tests. Students will complete self-corrected exercises to develop their knowledge of the material and to assist in developing independent study skills.

This course is made up of 36 weekly lessons. Each lesson contains approximately 4 - 6 topics.


  • DIVE Into Math CD Math 7/6
    D.I.V.E., which stands for Digital Interactive Video Education, is a revolutionary product which utilizes recently developed software and hardware technology to create math and science lectures on a computer whiteboard that looks and sounds as though you are doing a lecture in a real classroom.

  • Saxon 76 (fourth edition)
    Required text for Math 6 - Includes Textbook, Workbook and Solutions Manual

Required Text Books:

TITLE ISBN Average Price
Saxon 7/6 Text 9781591413196 $63
Saxon 7/6 Solutions Manual 9781591413271 $47
Saxon 7/6 Tests and Worksheets 9781591413233 $35
Dive into Math CD 7/6