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Mathematics 07

This math course provides video lessons, practice questions, and assessments, covering the BC Ministry of Education learning outcomes on these topics: divisibility rules for whole numbers, addition and subtraction of fractions, addition and subtractions of integers, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of decimals, relating decimals and fractions, percent, circles, area of triangles, parallelograms and circles, line segments, angle bisectors, plotting points in the coordinate plane, transformations of shapes in the coordinate plane, central tendency, outliers, circle graphs, probability, sample space, writing linear equations, tables of values, graphing points on the coordinate plane, preservation of equality, solving linear equations. There will also be 4 cumulative reviews as well as access to the BC ExamBank website to help students in their studying. Students should have completed Math 6 prior to this course. Supplies needed are a calculator, ruler and graph paper.

Required Text Books:

TITLE ISBN Average Price
Saxon 8/7 Text 978591413202 $63
Saxon 8/7 Solutions Manual 9781591413288 $47
Saxon 8/7 Tests and Worksheets 9781591413240 $3
Dive into Math CD 8/7