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Pre-Calculus 11

Stepping into the world of calculus is like passing from one dimension to another. The first dimension is made up of simple math, geometry, and algebra. The more complex dimension is called Calculus. Pre-Calculus 11 is the first half of the bridge between simple math and Calculus. You’ll come to understand quadratic, radical, polynomial and absolute value functions, rational expressions, geometric sequences, trigonometry and more. The journey may sound daunting, but using our interactive animation and video lessons, we walk with you—at your pace—as you cross that bridge to the new dimension.

This course consists of exciting, interactive animation and video lessons, that guide students in discovery of the following topics:

- Quadratic Functions
- Radical Functions
- Polynomial Functions
- Absolute Value Functions
- Rational Expressions
- Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
- Trigonometry