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Science 09

Science 9 is divided into six broad topics:

  • Applications of Science - where we study scientific inquiry - how it is accomplished in light of the 12 skills of investigation.
  • Life Science I - where we study the make-up, organization and function of body systems.
  • Life Science II - where we study the effects of external agents and lifestyles on health.
  • Physical Science I - where we study periodicity, naming of compounds and generation of formulae, physical/chemical change, Law of Conservation of Mass, and factors affecting chemical reactions.
  • Physical Science II - where we study thermal energy and the Law of Conservation of Energy, the relationship between force, mass and motion and their relationship to work and power.
  • Earth and Space Science - where we study our solar system, stars, and modern cosmology.


Required Resource:

TITLE ISBN Average Price
BC Science Probe 9 9780137868155 $90