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Social Media 11

Social Media 11 is an investigation into the phenomenon of Internet technologies centered on human connection for personal, professional, and academic purposes. Students will gain knowledge and skills about various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, blogs, and many others, learning how they work, how they are useful, and what best and next practices are for utilizing these technologies in their own lives.

Students will also engage with deeper theological questions about the human need for community, interpersonal connection, and social belonging, as they relate to social media platforms provision of online sites for such engagement. Attention is paid to the pros and cons of social media in this context, and students are encouraged to consider and assess the benefits and downfalls of an increasingly online social world. Through practically engaging with these platforms, students will also gain skills in reading, writing, critical thinking, problem solving, computer literacy, viewing, representing, writing, and listening. They will also gain practical skills in online safety and conduct guidelines.

Social Studies 10.