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Social Studies 05

This course focuses on Canada: Its Geography and People. Students will learn about map-making skills, as well as the human and physical geography of Canada. This study includes people in Canada - where they live; how they make their living and how they relate to their environment (climate, vegetation, natural resources, physical features, land use).

Secondly, this course deals with Early Canada: Exploration and Settlement. Students will investigate some of the historical events and issues relating to the discovery, exploration and settlement of New France and the Hudson Bay area. Students will examine the intercultural contact between the natives, explorers, missionaries and settlers in these two areas.

Finally, this course deals with Canada's Links With Other Countries. Students will examine how Canada is linked to the United Kingdom, France, and the United States. Links such as language, values and beliefs, trade, communication, leisure activities and fine arts exist between Canada and each of these countries.

Students will complete the weekly assignments, which include question and answer format, paragraph answer format, games, puzzles, projects, web trips as well as other types of material.


Required Text Book:

TITLE ISBN Average Price
Connections Canada 978019541295 $54