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Social Studies 07

The Grade 7 History/Bible program will be taught from the point of view expressed by Kurt Grussendorf. Namely, that:

History is the great narrative of God working through the lives of individual personalities who either follow or reject His Will, which will be done.

History, the story of what man has done with the time God has given, can only be fully understood in the light of the Bible, which is the story of how God has worked in history. Therefore, throughout this course, the Bible (the inspired and infallible Word of God) will be our main primary source. We will explore the history of mankind from Creation until the decline of the Roman Empire, regularly referring to the Bible, which prophesied the rise and fall of nations throughout history. We will come to appreciate the contributions that past civilizations have made to the present, but will also recognize a regularly occurring historical pattern: namely, that nations which reject the one true God will eventually crumble. We will ask ourselves: how does this historical pattern speak to our present-day North American civilization?

In grade 7 history

  1. Students will appreciate and understand that God is sovereign over the past, present, and future. No man or nation can overrule Him. God is never taken by surprise; things that happen fit into His plan.
  2. Students will understand that God has a plan He is carrying to completion; history records the progress of that plan.
  3. Students will realize that God expects us to learn from a knowledge of history
  4. Students will gain an understanding of the ?great civilizations? of the past, including their cultures, life-styles, and contributions to civilization.
  5. Students will understand that God controls the rise and fall of rulers and nations; that God leads rulers when they look to Him for guidance; and that