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Social Studies 08

Social Studies 8 encompasses the end of the ancients, as the classical era comes to its end and sees the rise of the Middle Ages (ca. 400 AD) and its progression into the early modern era (ca.. 1500's AD). It will delve into various cultures and civilizations, and how many of them helped forge the societies we see today, especially in the Western world (i.e., Canada), while revealing both a number of the continuities and discontinuities that are present in how they influenced later events in what we have come to know as the modern world. From Augustine to Luther, from the Byzantine Empire to the Renaissance, this course seeks to provide a survey look at an era often misunderstood or forgotten. The voices of the past still speak to us and it is hoped today's students will heed their calls to remember what they have to say.

To aid the student, this course will include a number of resources in print form, as well as web links and attachments on the course site. Students will also be asked to begin learning some basic research skills, to help them dig a little deeper into certain topics that the course seeks to address.

Required Text Books:

TITLE ISBN Average Price
The Story of the World- Vol. 2 978097141293U $7