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Social Studies 09

We are entering an era of tremendous change; or reform, radical revision and revolution. Social Studies 9 hopes to take you through this period in human history and events to see the connections within them and to our own day here in Canada. How has our Sovereign Lord directed the paths of humans? To what ultimate (from a human perspective) purpose would He permit such tumult and tragedy? From the age of the Protestant Reformation, Counter-Reformation, through the Elizabethan and Jacobean era towards the precipice of chaos and tyranny that was the English Civil War and Glorious Revolution then spawning the further upheaval of 18th Century Jacobite uprisings, the American and French Revolutions, the Terror and rise of Napoleon and finally ending in the massive (perhaps most significant revolutionary event) Industrial Revolution that transformed a mostly agrarian west into the highly mechanized, technologically focused world we live in today. In all, each of these revolutions were increasingly undergirded by a set of more humanistic oriented Enlightenment philosophies that have helped forge our modern identity; an identity that will finally be seen as we end the course with a brief survey of early Canadian colonial history.

As the old Chinese curse says ‘may you always live in interesting times’ and when you finish this course, it is hoped you will see how interesting these times had been and how much we can be thankful that our merciful and gracious Lord has not allowed things to become too interesting for us, but always filled with hope.


  • Crossroads - A Meeting of Nations (R)
    By examining the political and economic changes in Europe and North America, students learn how historical forces - revolution, imperialism, colonialism, and industrialization - have had an impact on the world. This book also introduces students to Canada - its geography, early history, and culture. ISBN 9780137868155 | $63

This course requires a text book.