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Social Studies 10

The British North America Act of 1867 states that its purpose is to establish peace, order and good government for the Dominion of Canada. In Social Studies 10, students investigate the transformation of Canada from a string of isolated and struggling colonies to a confederation of organized provinces, which eventually emerge as an independent, modern state. Studying 19th century and turn-of-the-century Canada will challenge students to consider how a modern nation state aspires and struggles to create a stable, peaceful, prosperous and just society. This course will therefore provide students a backdrop from which to examine the themes of dominion, transformation, authority, and the empire imaginary. An effort will be made to help students understand history in twos; official history which celebrates the achievements of cultural elites and social history which chronicles the plight of the common, the weak, and the marginalized groups in our Canadian communities who call us to remember who we are and from where we came.

Prerequisites: Social Studies 9

Course Credits: 4